40 Yard Rolloff Dumpster
40 Yard Rolloff Dumpster


Please call our office to confirm availability (409) 941-9820

Size: Dimensions: 22x8x8

Days: Rental Time: 30 Days

Ton(s): Tons Included: 8 included

Extra Weight: Extra Weight: $85/ton


Mattresses: $150.00 Per Mattress plus applicable taxes

Tires: $75 Per tire plus applicable taxes

No heavy material (example: concrete, roofing material,dirt, rock and sand) in anything other than a 20 yard dumpster. 

Prohibited Items:

  • Air Conditioner units
  • Refridgerators
  • Whole Tires
  • Motors
  • Batteries
  • Bulk Liquids (Oil, Paint any fluid in a container)
  • CD Players
  • Circuit Boards
  • Computers (CPU's)
  • Copiers/Fax Machines
  • Electrionics (TV's, Monitors, Computers, DVD Players ect.) 
  • Explosives
  • Medical Equipment
  • Hazardous Material
  • Chemicals
  • Animal carcasses

Any and all additional fees for Special waste, Hazardous waste, overweight and overfilled fees will be forwarded/charged back to the customer. 

Texas Roll Off: The Ultimate Solution for Maximum Waste Management with Our 40-Yard Dumpster Rentals

At Texas Roll Off, we are dedicated to providing solutions for even the most demanding waste management challenges. Our 40-yard roll-off dumpster rental is the ultimate choice for your largest cleanup projects and most extensive construction tasks. Designed to cater to the highest volume needs, our 40-yard dumpsters offer an unparalleled combination of massive capacity and convenience for the most substantial projects.

Key Features of Texas Roll Off's 40-Yard Dumpster Rental

  • Dimensions: Our 40-yard dumpsters, with dimensions of 22 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8 feet in height, are perfectly suited for the largest driveways and construction sites.
  • Rental Duration: Enjoy a standard rental period of 10 days, providing ample time for your most extensive projects. For longer requirements, we offer the flexibility of extending the rental for an additional $15 per day.
  • Capacity: Capable of handling ample amount of debris with up to 4 tons of material included in the price, these dumpsters are ideal for the largest types of waste, including massive construction debris and bulky items.
  • Additional Weight Handling: For projects that exceed the weight limit, we provide an additional service to manage extra weight at $85 per ton.

Expansive Applications of Our 40-Yard Dumpster Rentals

Our 40-yard dumpster rentals are designed to serve a wide array of applications, meeting the needs of both residential and commercial clients for their most significant waste management projects. These large-capacity dumpsters are essential for projects that generate substantial amounts of waste, ensuring efficient and effective waste management. They are particularly useful for:

  • Major Residential Projects: Ideal for the largest home renovations, extensive landscaping projects, and significant property cleanouts.
  • Commercial and Industrial Use: Perfect for major business renovations, industrial site cleanups, and large-scale office expansions.
  • Construction and Large-Scale Development: The preferred choice for substantial construction projects, including new commercial developments and major building remodels.
  • Event Management: Efficiently manage waste for the largest events, including festivals, concerts, and public gatherings.
  • Real Estate and Large Property Management: Crucial for comprehensive property cleanouts, particularly for large estates or commercial properties.

Why Choose Texas Roll Off's 40-Yard Dumpster?

Opting for our 40-yard dumpster rental means choosing a service renowned for its reliability and exceptional customer care. Texas Roll Off is a leader in the Texas waste management sector, known for our prompt, efficient service and competitive rates. Our professional team ensures that each dumpster rental is perfectly suited to the specific requirements of your largest-scale projects. The 40-yard dumpsters are not only versatile but also user-friendly, catering to a broad spectrum of waste management needs. Committed to environmental stewardship, we ensure eco-friendly disposal of your waste. Our customer reviews consistently highlight our quick response and unwavering reliability, making us the preferred choice for your significant waste management challenges. We also have smaller options for backyard renovations or home remodels, such as the 20 yard roll off dumpsters and our larger 30-yard roll off container.

FAQs for Renting Our 40-Yard Dumpster

  • Acceptable Materials: Our dumpsters are suitable for a variety of materials, in compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Rental Period Flexibility: We offer adaptable rental periods to align with your project schedule.
  • Weight Limit Considerations: A designated weight limit is set for larger projects, with additional services available for excess weight.
  • Scheduling and Pickup: Arrange pickup times conveniently to suit your project timeline.

Customer Testimonials for Texas Roll Off

Texas Roll Off's dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the positive feedback from our clients. Here are some unique perspectives from their Google reviews:

  1. Rapid and Professional Service: Customers have praised Texas Roll Off for their swift and professional response, especially when faced with urgent requirements.
  2. Unbeatable Prices and Speedy Delivery: Clients have commended Texas Roll Off for offering competitive rates and prompt delivery services, ensuring their projects in Texas City and surrounding areas stay on schedule.
  3. Consistent Reliability for Ongoing Projects: Regular users of Texas Roll Off, particularly those in the renovation and property development sector, have lauded the company for its dependable service across multiple projects.

These testimonials underscore Texas Roll Off's commitment to providing top-notch service, ensuring quick responses, and maintaining reliability, which makes them a preferred provider for dumpster rental services throughout Texas.

Effortless Ordering Process and Personalized Assistance

Booking a 40-yard dumpster with Texas Roll Off is a smooth and straightforward process. Our online system allows you to select, schedule, and manage your rental with ease. For any personalized assistance, our team is just a phone call or email away, ready to provide tailored support for your waste management needs.

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